Woolen stocks – no need for excessive thickness to keep you warm.

iZ Socks´ surprisingly thin woolen stocks – that will keep you warm through an Alaskan winter 

”Woolen stocks do not actually need excessive thickness to keep you warm around your feet” says CEO, Jacob Blæsbjerg – and continues ”It is all in the quality of the wool”.

Heat in the woolen stockings
woolen socksWarm woolen stocks are not just warm woolen stocks! The trick is to find a sensible composure of the structural density of the woolen material. The woolen stockings should have the capacity to keep you warm around your feet, but without an excessive thickness that will reduce the blood-flow circulation in your feet and to your toes, caused by the lack of sufficient space.

In short; you need sufficient space around your feet, even during the cold winter months. At iZ Sock, we are offering YOU a product of top notch quality with a well balanced structural density of fibres, ensuring you softness and durability. Our woolen stocks – only moderately thicker than “normal socks” – come at a bargain!

iZ Socks´ carefully selected woolen stocks are made from part combed cotton and part cashmere wool. Combed cotton have been cleaned from contaminant impurities and lengthy fibres through a combing proces. The result is a stronger yet soft cotton with a high comfort. The superior softness in our woolen stocks stems from the incredibly soft cashmere wool from cashmere goats. In fact, cashmere is one of nature´s best isolators. The reason for cashmere wool´s ability to stabilize heat is due to the hollow fibres, allowing your feet to heat up the air within. Essentially the air inside these fibres function the same way as the air in thermo windows – keeping the air in and the cold out.

This combination of enhanced cotton woven with cashmere makes a great woolen stocking that is warm, incredbily soft, comfortable against the skin -and not too thick.

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