Warm woolen socks from iZ sock

Warm woolen socks do not need to be thick; it is all about the wool they are made of. The woolen socks from iZ Sock that are made with Angora wool are not thick, but very warm. The secret is that they are partially woven with Angora wool. Angora wool is the wool, which is perhaps nature’s best wool to isolate. The thing is that the fibers in Angora wool are hollow, which means they have amazing isolating properties.

Our selection of woolen socks

Warm socks with Angora wool - nature's best fiber to keep warm with

Warm socks - Our socks with Angora wool from rabbits of the Angora type, have good and soft fibers like camel hair. Mohair wool from Angora goat has long fibers which are rather coarse, but soft and shiny. Shetland wool is fine and soft, and lambswool is usually soft. It is suitable for clothing, as thermos clothing, wash ability and durability, possibly mixed with a synthetic material, is eminent. This is the case with iZ Sock's woolen socks with Angora wool. It is warm and soft socks that feels amazing on the feet.

Not only warm socks
In addition, wool can absorb very much moisture without feeling wet, but delivers an electrostatic when dried out. Wool comes in many qualities. The new production washing techniques has also made it much easier to get goods produced for special activities. In other words, woolen socks have all the properties you could wish for when it comes to keeping your feet warm.

Wonderful socks
There are many advantages when using natural materials and it is wonderful that the woolen socks from iZ Sock contains Angora wool. It does not just give warm socks and that is due to one of the best properties when it comes to wool socks. Angora wool has a fantastic ability to retain heat around and in the feet. You notice it as soon as you put the socks on your feet. You experience the soft, warm, and comfortable wool against the skin and then you experience the joy of a pair of exceptionally lovely socks.

They are not too thick
Our socks with Angora wool also have the advantage that they are not as thick as for example woolen socks made of wool from sheep. The thing is that the material has a very high ability to isolate and therefore the socks do not have to be as thick as in the case with socks made from other fibers. 

If you are going out into the cold for a longer period it can be beneficial to wear a bamboo sock inside this woolen sock. It will give you a fantastic combination, as you will get the advantage of being able to lead the moisture away from the feet and out into the next layer. The woolen socks with Angora and cotton sucks the moisture and keeps out the cold. If you are going out into the cold to do for example skiing this is clearly a winning combination.