Woolen socks do not need to be thick

Warm, woolen socks are part of all sock drawers and at iZ Sock we have found a fantastic woolen sock that ensures that you do not freeze your feet, when you are out in the nature or simply having a cozy time indoors.

Woolen socks with Angora wool

iZ sock - Angora uldsokker 10 parIn our selection you will find a fantastic, soft and warm woolen sock containing 20% ​​Angora wool. It may not seem like much, but in the combination with 60% combed cotton you get a fantastic warm, but not particularly thick sock. It is a myth that a woolen sock must be thick to be warm.

Angora wool is one of the world’s most isolating materials
Angora wool is among the lightest materials that nature can offer. The reason for the light weight is found in the fibres that are hollow. The fact that they are hollow also makes them one of the best materials to retain heat. We fully exploit the fibres hollowness in our woolen socks that are surprisingly good at keeping the feet warm.

Not thick woolen socks, but warm, strong socks
The combination of Angora wool and combed cotton gives a warm sock that is not thick like other woolen socks. The fact that the sock is not thick also means that you can wear them in your normal shoes without your shoes tightening around the feet and thus shut down for the blood circulation in your feet and toes.

If the shoes or boots are tight around your feet then it is over
It is crucial that your feet have a good blood circulation otherwise your feet will feel cold no matter which socks you are wearing. It is one of the key reasons that we at iZ Sock has chosen to develop a sock that is not very thick, but still warm and pleasant.

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