Striped bamboo socks with a retro touch

Striped bamboo socks thrown back into the 70’s

At iZ Sock we thought to ourselves that we needed a new design to the selection. We have therefore thrown our regular socks back in time. They went to the time when the first Star Wars movie came out, ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest, and John Travolta showed off his dance moves in Saturday Night Fever. Yes, they went back to the 70’s – a time for different styles and people. Back to us came the special edition socks we call: The striped bamboo socks.

striped bamboo socksStriped with a 70’s twist

The look of the striped bamboo socks have been inspired by the 70’s. The 70’s was a time, when new trends started to appear. Just take a look at the music. Glam rock became a thing with Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie and his white skin, red hair, and glamorous outfits. Our special edition socks are not glamourous in the sense of being sparkling. Instead we have looked at the colors the people clothes were in. It might not surprise you, but our special edition socks are striped with brown and orange colors and of course they are, as we have mentioned, made in bamboo fibers.

The 70’s with today’s benefits

The striped bamboo socks may have the design of the past, but they feature all the benefits of today. Because they are made of bamboo fibers they feature some fantastic properties that you will love. First and foremost, we need to talk about the anti-bacterial property they feature. This feature makes your smelly feet disappear and who would not like that? Another lovely thing about the striped bamboo socks are that they are warm like regular cotton socks, but they have a silky-like feeling against the skin.

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