Socks – the world’s most boring product

Socks – a product taken for granted

At iZ Sock we are selling socks and yes, we know it is a strange product to choose. But honestly, who does not wear socks? Have you ever given thought to your socks besides when you are running out or one has gone missing in the laundry? Probably not. And why do you think that is? Because it is the world’s most boring product! A boring product that we cannot live without.

bamboo socksHave you ever wondered how many types of socks there are? In our selection, we have socks made of bamboo fibers, Angora wool, and combed cotton. And the bamboo and combed cotton socks you can find in either the regular shape or in a ankle design. On top of this they also come in different colors and color combinations.

Bamboo fibers

By making them in bamboo fibers they get some fantastic benefits. First of all, they become anti-bacterial and what does that mean? That means they reduce the change for getting smelly feet. Also, they are good at absorbing moisture. Actually, they are 50% better than when they are made of normal cotton. Another benefit is that they are good at keeping your feet at a comfortable temperature all day long.cotton socks

Combed cotton

Cotton is the most common used fabric for this type of product. Cotton is a fine fabric, but we all know the quality can vary. This is the reason why, we at iZ Sock have chosen to make ours in combed cotton, which is a procedure that provides a soft fabric. This is a bit more expensive procedure than using regular cotton, but we think it is worth it. This is because we wish to give our customers the best quality, but still at a low price.

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