Socks made of combed cotton = combed cotton socks

Cotton socks or combed cotton socks

What is the difference between cotton socks and combed cotton socks? Well, they are both made of cotton, but combed cotton is a special way of weaving the cotton. It is a slightly more expensive process, but it gives a very soft version of cotton. Other than that, there are not any specific differences. But what about the price then? At iZ Sock the price for combed cotton socks is the same as many other regular cotton sock sellers. This is because we want our socks to be for everyone.

combed cotton socksWhy use combed cotton?

This cotton is, as has been written, extremely soft. This makes the combed cotton socks very comfortable to wear against the skin. You will often find combed cotton in clothing and bed sheets, because people are going to have skin contact with it. And the softer the fabric, the better the feeling will be for the user and the skin. You could actually say that combed cotton socks are the luxurious choice for a sock made of cotton.

Color for combed cotton socks

iZ Sock’s combed cotton sock features in just one color. The classic color for a boring product that everybody uses. Have you guessed it? We do not know, if you have, but the answer is black. We have decided to keep the sock in just one color to make it easy for you to make a choice and let us be honest, black is the preferred color for socks. If it is because it is a color that goes with everything, we do not know, but we do think that is the case here.

No matter what, a combed cotton sock is for everyone who wish to wear a comfortable, soft sock made of cotton.

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