Socks are not just socks

Socks – Nobody talks about them, but everybody uses them

Socks are not just socks, but there are many who takes them for granted. This can be due to many different circumstances, but one thing is left clear, when you ask the majority. There are few people who care about which socks they are wearing on their feet.

Living a hidden life
Socks are living a hidden life and are normally packed away in a pair of shoes and hidden by long trousers. When it is hot we usually choose a good ankle sock and thereby we are wearing a sock on our feet which is only just visible above the shoe’s collar.

They are hard to live without
It is not until there are not any more socks in the drawer that we find out how important they are to us.” says Jacob Blæsbjerg and continues “and it is often the black socks you run out of“.

Socks decides, how you feel
There is nothing worse than freezing one’s feet or for that matter to be too warm around them. If there is not a balance the rest of the body will out of balance as well. We make socks in balance at iZ Sock. We know how important it is that the feet are feeling good and that your feet are not too hot or too cold.

Therefore, you will find a selection of socks that covers your needs at iZ Sock. If it is cold you will wear our woolen sock, are you going to wear closed shoes then you will find our wide selection of bamboo socks. Should you prefer cotton socks, we also have pairs made of combed cotton and they are soft and comfortable around your feet.

For summer or sport, you will need our ankle socks – they cover your needs.

At iZ Sock we talk about what nobody else does and we make a virtue out of your socks and look forward to sending them to you.

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