Quality black socks are for everyone

Socks should be quality black socks

When you are looking for socks you want them to be of a certain quality. You might even want the socks to be really good quality socks. iZ Sock has an opinion about that. Our opinion is that quality black socks should be for everyone. Everyone deserves socks of a good quality. And of course the socks should be available in the most common and used color for socks: black.

Quality black socksquality black socks are the safe choice

As you might have read before black is thought of as the safe choice for socks’ color. You choose black socks, because that is the color that goes with everything. You do not have any clothes in your wardrobe that does not match with black socks. At least not in your own opinion. And we do not blame you for thinking that. At iZ Sock we also wear black socks most of the time, but we are trying to change that.

Which material should the socks be made of?

At iZ Sock our quality black socks are either made of the commonly used material, cotton, or the more fancy, newer material, bamboo fibers. We are aware that cotton is the most common material and that you are used to buying that, but we want to challenge you. That is why we have bamboo socks as well. Based on their properties we think they are fantastic and that everyone should own them. This leads on to the statement “Quality black socks are for everyone” – all our socks are affordable for everyone, because everyone should be able to buy them, if they are interested in trying them. We think bamboo socks are the new kind of socks that everyone who tries them would wont to own in the future.

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