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Men’s socks, socks for men

If there is one thing men do not want to spent time on it is shopping and that is why we have made it easy for the man who lacks socks in his wadrope” says Jacob Blaesbjerg, CEO at iZ Sock and continues “At this site we have colleted the socks the man needs, 3 clicks and the socks are on their way“.

Selection of men’s socks

men's socks

Men do not shop
The reason for why we have a site with three choices is that it is the men’s socks that we sell the most of and as it is a fact that men do not shop, we have made it easier to find the men’s socks you are looking for. We have asked our male clients and the result is indisputalble. It is only a few who cares about their socks. We have often heard that “men’s socks” are not something we care about, they are just lying in our drawer and when we are out of them, we will just buy some new ones.

Not a big involvement in men’s socks
It is not surprising for us at iZ Sock that socks are not an area of interest. We actually have the world’s most boring product, but we do the best we can to make it easier for our clients to find the socks they need. When it comes to men’s socks it is all about making it easier for the client to find the socks they need.

But it does not work without men’s socks
Now is has been ascertained that one does not walk around with bare feet in one’s shoes. Especially not, when you are working. There is a need for socks, even if you do not want to talk about them. At the end of the day, the feet should be comfortable in the shoes. At iZ Sock we prefer men’s socks made of bamboo and without going in to details about the many benefits, you get a short resume here:

– Bamboo socks contain antibacterial substances and prevent bad smell
– They are good at absorbing and incredibly breathable
– They are suitable for persons with allergies
– The socks always keep the feet at the right temperature and they are easy to breath through for the skin
– They keep the color for longer
– Bamboo socks are very soft socks (feel like silk)

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