The lonely black sock in the laundry

A black sock missing its partner

Once upon a time there was a pair of black socks who went through everything together. They went together on trips while being worn by their owner, was washed together in the laundry machine, and hung together when drying after a nice washing.

black sockThe day the partner disappeared

The pair of black socks have known each other since they were produced at a factory some place in Europe. One day that seemed like all the other days the pair of black socks were to be washed in the washing machine. When the black sock was hung up for drying it waited for its partner that usually came along later. But this day something was wrong. The partner was not hung beside it. The black sock looked for its partner on the drying rack, but it was nowhere to be found. The partner had disappeared. What had happened?

Forgotten and damaged

When the washing machine had been emptied the black sock‘s partner had not been taken out together with the rest of the laundry. At first the partner had been worried that it has been forgotten and would not be found in the washing machine. Luckily, its owner had realised it was missing and had come back looking for it in the washing machine. What the partner had not realised was that it had gotten damaged while the washing machine had been spinning. This had torn a hole in the partner. When the owner saw the hole, the partner was thrown in with the trash instead of being hung together with the black sock. The partner was later transported to the waste dump and burned.

The black sock never got to know what happened to its friend and partner, but missed it every day. The black sock was never the same again and became known as the lonely black sock among all the other clothes. The end…

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