Bamboo socks – large socks size 13.5-15.5

Socks for big feet – bamboo socks

Large socks

Socks in large sizes are definitely something that we work to have more kinds of in our selection on a continuous basis” says Jacob Blæsbjerg and continues “At the moment we have a good selection of size 13.5-15.5, but we must get larger socks in our collection.

The selection of large socks
As you can see in the selection at iZ Sock it is no secret that we are betting on bamboo socks. There are more reasons to this which we will get back to later in this article. At iZ Sock we have a still growing wish to expand our selection of large socks. “Today our customers find most of our designs in the size 13.5-15.5 and we have many who request larger sizes” elaborates Jacob Blæsbjerg.

Socks made of bamboo have many benefits
Bamboo socks have many benefits and here we will in a few words tell about one of the best benefits as we are approaching summer.

Removes moisture and heat quickly from the feet
Bamboo fibers can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton fibers. This gives the bamboo fiber a vital benefit. The fact that it can absorb this much moisture makes the sock the perfect summer sock. The thing is that together with the moisture the heat also disappears from the feet. This is due to pure physics.

The heat from the feet is used to make the moisture in the sock evaporate. When the heat is being used to give energy to evaporation the foot is cooled at the same time. If a sock cannot obtain the moisture from the feet, the moisture is kept around the foot and thereby the foot cannot get rid of the heat.

Other benefits of bamboo socks
– The bamboo socks contain antibacterial substances and prevents bad smell
– They have a good absorbency and are very airy/breathable
– They are very suitable for persons with allergies
– The socks always keep the feet at the right temperature and they are easy for the skin to breathe through
– They keep the color for longer
– Bamboo socks are very soft socks (they feel like silk)

So the choice is obvious – bamboo socks.

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