Good bamboo socks with the Oeko-Tex certificate

Bamboo socks are not just bamboo socks

It is important to us that the socks we offer you as a customer are of a good quality – but of course also take the environment into consideration, when they are produced. That is why all our socks with the iZ Sock print in the sole are manufactured so that they are friendly to the environment.

OEKO-TEX certificate
The socks are manufactured in accordance with the legislation, so that they live up to the OEKO-TEX’s guidelines. What we do at iZ Sock is to keep our manufactures of the socks aware and up to date with the rules and norms that OEKO-TEX sets up.

Here you can see a short video from the 2016 fair:

iZ Sock
Thereby, we can always be sure that our socks always live up to the demands we may have to them. Like e.g. be sure that they do not cause allergies and that the environment has been taken into consideration in the best possible way during the production. This when it both comes to the growing of the plants who provides the fibers that are later used in the socks and all the way till you are wearing the socks on your feet.

In other words, the textiles our socks are manufactured from are made from yarn and threads that all have an OEKO-TEX certificate.

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