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There is nothing like a pair of good fluffy socks and a cup of hot cocoa on the couch. At iZ Sock we know this and therefore we have found the best fluffy socks we have in our selection.

The fantastic fluffy socks with Angora wool

iZ sock - Angora udsokkerIf you are going to potter around inside, have a really nice, relaxing day one of our best suggestions would be our woolen socks with Angora wool. They are as you expect the way a pair of fluffy socks should be. They are soft and not least amazing against the skin due to their unique combination of Angora wool and combed cotton.

The Angora wool gives a nice, warm fluffy sock
Angora wool is one of nature’s best types of wool to keep the warmth. They are also very soft and extremely comfortable against the skin. The reason why this type of wool is one of the warmest you can find in the nature is that the fibers in the wool are hollow. The hollowness works just like double glazing does. The air which is trapped within the fibers secures that the warmth is kept within and the cold outside.

The combination with combed cotton gives a unique fluffy sock
Combed cotton is extremely soft. The reason why this type of cotton is very soft is due to the processing it has been through. As the cotton is combed the long fibers and impurities are drawn out of the cotton and only leave the clean, soft cotton behind.

Fluffy socks can also be with terry on the inside
The socks are also used as socks for hard work. The thing is that these socks are not like any other terry socks that you might know. They are not like other terry socks which are woven with special loop weaving on the outside, but they are on the inside of the sock. The result is a sock that is strong. With the reinforced heel and toe it gives a sock that lasts longer than other traditional terry socks.

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