Find the ankle socks

Find the ankle socks!

Summer is finally coming!!!! Or at least it is approaching. We think…

And what does that have to do with ankle socks, you might think? We will tell you.

ankle socksAt iZ Sock we have something called ankle socks and in our opinion they are the perfect summer sock. But why are our ankle socks perfect compared to regular socks then? Well, when you compare regular socks with our ankle socks the first obvious different is the length of the sock. The regular sock is longer than the ankle sock, which as the name implies, only covers the foot and just up around the ankle.

But do the two kinds of socks then have something in common? Yes, they do. Or at least they do, if both pairs of socks are made of bamboo fibers. If the two pairs are not made of bamboo fibers then they do not. And why is that? If the regular pair of socks are made of cotton they do not feature all the amazing benefits bamboo fibers give the socks.

The main benefit of ankle socks made of bamboo fibersiZ sock ankle socks ,white bamboo
When the socks are made of bamboo fibers they become antibacterial, which means smelly feet is something that belongs to the past. That is an amazing feature, because smelly feet are something you easily get, when it is summer and warm outside. Of course, that is only the case if you wear socks during summer and if you wear them in closed shoes smelly feet is bound to happen for you at some point. We dare to say that nobody is lucky enough to avoid smelly feet. Unfortunately!

The ankle sock design
Now that you know about the main benefit of our bamboo ankle socks you might want to know which designs or colors you can get them in. We have kept it traditional, maybe even boring in your opinion, but no matter what it cannot be denied that white and black are the most common colors for socks.

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