Our selection of cotton socks

Here you will find the collection of cotton socks from iZ Sock

Combed cotton
At iZ Sock we have chosen that our cotton socks should be of premium quality. Due to this reason we have decided that our cotton socks should be made of combed cotton.

Combed cotton means that the manufacturing process is slightly more expensive than producing conventional cotton, because the cotton is combed. The process provides a soft material, which you notice immediately the first time you put on the socks.

Cotton Socks
Cotton socks are impossible to avoid and there are several, good reasons. First and foremost it is probably because the socks are a true classic and that cotton is very comfortable to wear on the feet. Cotton socks are also durable and a good material to work with. If you are interested in knowing more about the history of cotton, then we can definitely recommend this article from Wikipedia about cotton.