Colored and striped socks

Why should not socks have stripes and colors? Why do socks always have to be black?

Our selection of classic, colored socks

colors used by iZ sockAt iZ Sock you will find socks with colors in our selection with the fantastic and very comfortable bamboo socks. We have developed a series of socks consisting of classic colors.

You will find the beautiful and classic, navy blue bamboo sock
There is something royal about the dark blue color that you find in our navy blue socks. The color is a dark, classic blue that gives a nice looking sock. We particularly recommend this color if you wear dark blue jeans or classic, black pants. It gives a nice, stylish transition to your footwear and exudes class and confidence.

Light grey – a fresh and at the same time discrete color
The beautiful, bright color has a little shine that comes from the use of the bamboo fiber in the textile. The color of this sock leaves nothing desirable back. It is clear and beautiful and gives a good looking sock that gives a dark outfit a fresh look.

White socks
You will also find white bamboo socks in our selection. It is a fantastic sock in a beautiful, white color, an entirely white color without any form of shade. You could be tempted to say that it is as white as snow. You will find the white color in both our classic socks and in our ankle socks.

Special edition colored bamboo socks
There will on an ongoing basis emerge series of new designs in our collection. Here we are going for the unconventional look. You will often find color combinations that you will not find anywhere else. Our special edition socks may only be for sale in small amounts and for a limited time, so if there is a design that you love then you had better to buy it fast.

You will find our colored socks here

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