Cheap socks – iZ Sock’s socks are not expensive

Cheap socks of good quality

Cheap socks

We wish to offer cheap socks to our consumers, but they must be of a good quality” says Jacob Blaesbjerg and continues “It is about making sure that our consumers get the right quality, because socks mean something for well-being of all“.

Cheap socks do not need to be in a bad quality
At iZ Sock we have chosen to place our prices in the low end compared to the rest of the market. “The brands we compare ourselves to are significantly more expensive“, explains Jacob Blaesbjerg. iZ Sock has for a longer period worked determinately to create a brand that can offer socks of a high quality without the price being too high and thereby create a brand which is carried by cheap socks of high quality.

It has succeeded through a conscious strategy about the sales online
iZ Sock has worked on the basis of a principal of making the gap between the consumer and the production as small as possible. This has succeeded through a conscious choice of selling through the online media. “We do not have to use money on developing displays and in store marketing and that is why we are able to deliver the socks at lower price” tells Jacob Blaesbjerg.

Cheap socks in high quality to the whole world
iZ Sock has a large distribution through the online media and we are basing our business model on the digital distribution. This has opened an opportunity to reach far and wide and today you find iZ Sock in the USA, UK, United Emirates, Sweden, Denmark, and France. Many more markets are about to open and it is only a matter of time before iZ Sock are found in Germany and Spain.

Cheap bamboo socks are our biggest success
It cannot be hidden, so we might as well tell it ourselves” says Jacob Blaesbjerg and continues “It is without question our black bamboo socks that we sell the most of, and that is also why we have fixed offers for 5 or 10 pairs in our web shop“.

See our entire selection of cheap black socks here

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