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Cheap socks is not a goal in itself

It is easy to find cheap socks in the local super market. But that cannot be a target in itself. It is just as much about comfort and one’s well-being, when it comes the choice of socks.

Cheap socks at iZ Sock
Cheap socksYou always find a good offer at iZ Sock” says Jacob Blæsbjerg and continues “but when you get, you have to give, so if you buy 10 pairs at a time we give you a very good discount and thereby the socks become cheaper“.

We are not afraid to give a good offer on socks and that is why you will always find a good offer on bamboo socks on our online web shop. So, if you are looking out for a good offer on bamboo socks, then check out our selection.

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There are few who wants to settle for a little except when it comes to socks
Socks are the world’s most boring product, everbody uses them, but nobody talks about them” quote by Jacob Blæsbjerg, founder of iZ Sock. That is the end of that and that is actually strange. Nobody wants to settle when it comes to a long line of other products such as shampoo, toothbrushes, minced meat, or red wine. There are preferences for many different things, but those things are not likely to include socks. Not everyday socks in all cases. It is actually a little mysterious, because if the feet are feeling well, then you are also feeling well.

Our preferred choice is bamboo socks
Even though it is not 10 pairs for $13.99, we have set out a new standard for the pricing of bamboo socks with a high content of bamboo fibers. We wish to give our customers an experience where price and quality are connected and it is actually possible to get a high quality without having to pay a fortune. We call it “Socks in balance”. A reasonable division of price, quality, and comfort.

We look forward to sending you some fantastic bamboo socks sold at a cheap price.