Cheap socks ain’t bad

Cheap socks for everyone

When socks come into mind this is usually, because you need to buy some new ones. Either because they are broken and you do not want to darn them or some have gone missing while doing the laundry. Of course, there can be other reasons, but we think these two are the most common.

Cheap socksCheap does not need to be bad

Using the word cheap is not always a smart thing to do. It can actually be a very difficult word, because it is a word that means different things depending on how it is used. It can either be used about something being of a cheap quality, meaning it is bad quality, but it can also be used to describe that a thing does not cost much to buy. Usually the two meanings go hand in hand, but not in this case. iZ Sock’s cheap socks have a low price, but the quality is of a high standard. The reason for this is that, we at iZ Sock wish to make good quality socks that everyone can afford to buy.

Different kinds of cheap socks

One thing is to wish to sell cheap socks to everyone. Another is to have the socks that everyone wants to buy. We at iZ Sock have tried to fulfill this by having regular socks and ankle socks in our selection. On top of that we have also tried to fulfill this by making our socks in different types of textiles – bamboo fibers, combed cotton, and angora wool. Besides trying to please our customers with these types of cheap socks, we have also tried to please ourselves. This we have done by finding different benefits in all our socks that we think are fantastic.

So, are cheap socks bad? No, they ain’t! But they are for everyone.

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