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A large selection of cheap bamboo socks, iZ sock

Billige bambus strømperNormally when you see bamboo socks they are not in the cheap end of the scale and if they are usually then the content of bamboo fibres are low. At iZ Sock we have chosen a price policy which ensures that you as a customer can buy cheap bamboo socks with a high content of bamboo fibres.

Cheap socks when you buy more pairs
We gladly give you a good discount and cheap bamboo socks, if you buy more pairs at the same time” says Jacob Blæsbjerg. “We always have a good deal on bamboo socks for you!

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Why we gladly give you cheap bamboo socks
We will gladly give you a good deal, when you buy more pairs at the same time. We are not afraid of giving you a good deal, when you buy 5 or 10 pairs at a time. On top of that is the possibility for you to earn bonus point every time when you buy our socks.

Volume discount on bamboo socks
It is only fair that you receive a volume discount. “We have the right to deliver good socks for a fair price” says Jacob Blæsbjerg, CEO and continues “That is why we also give a volume discount so that our customers can get our bamboo socks cheaper.

A high content of bamboo fibres secures a high level of comfort
Bamboo fibres have some fantastic properties, when it comes to socks. iZ Sock uses the benefits to secure the optimal comfort, when it comes to socks.

Regulates the temperature around the feet
Bamboo fibres have a fantastic ability to absorb moisture, up to 50% better than cotton fibres. This means that you will experience that your feet are cooled faster when they are warm. To get more moisture out of the socks means that it can evaporate easier from the foot and this gives a cooling effect.

Very soft socks
The socks are incredibly soft to wear on your feet, because the bamboo fibres are very soft and give a fantastic textile, which you cannot find anywhere else.

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See our cheap bamboo socks here

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