Quality black socks are for everyone

Socks should be quality black socks

When you are looking for socks you want them to be of a certain quality. You might even want the socks to be really good quality socks. iZ Sock has an opinion about that. Our opinion is that quality black socks should be for everyone. Everyone deserves socks of a good quality. And of course the socks should be available in the most common and used color for socks: black.

Quality black socksquality black socks are the safe choice

As you might have read before black is thought of as the safe choice for socks’ color. You choose black socks, because that is the color that goes with everything. You do not have any clothes in your wardrobe that does not match with black socks. At least not in your own opinion. And we do not blame you for thinking that. At iZ Sock we also wear black socks most of the time, but we are trying to change that.

Which material should the socks be made of?

At iZ Sock our quality black socks are either made of the commonly used material, cotton, or the more fancy, newer material, bamboo fibers. We are aware that cotton is the most common material and that you are used to buying that, but we want to challenge you. That is why we have bamboo socks as well. Based on their properties we think they are fantastic and that everyone should own them. This leads on to the statement “Quality black socks are for everyone” – all our socks are affordable for everyone, because everyone should be able to buy them, if they are interested in trying them. We think bamboo socks are the new kind of socks that everyone who tries them would wont to own in the future.

See our selection of quality black socks here

Ankle socks – socks, but short

The ankle socks are the perfect match for sneakers and shorts

It is summer time and that means wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses. They all have one thing in common – they are usually not long. This means socks in the sneakers can be seen. Some say that it is fashionable to wear normal socks in sneakers while wearing shorts, skirts, and short dresses. Some do not like that look though. And then you have a problem. Luckily, iZ Sock has a solution to that problem: Ankle socks!

ankle socksAnkle socks in neutral colors

With these socks you get socks that you can wear with your shorts, skirts, and dresses. You probably want your shorts, skirts, or dresses to be the main focus of you outfit. That is why our ankle socks come in two neutral colors: black and white. They are two simple, elegant colors that go with everything. And of course there is the benefit of them not being too long to mess up your outfits main focus.

Bamboo fibers in the socks

The ankle socks we are talking about are not just ankle socks. They are also made of bamboo fibers. But what does that mean? It means that they have some amazing properties. Which properties? They are antibacterial, keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature all day long, and they are silky-soft.

The antibacterial property keeps away the smelly feet. This is because they prevent bacteria from producing butyric acid, which makes the smell that gives you smelly feet. The comfortable temperature is kept, because the socks leads moisture and heat away from the feet so they will not be exposed to different temperatures or “weather conditions” in closed shoes like sneakers. The silky-soft texture is “just” a nice feeling against the skin and that of course also make the socks nice to wear.

See our selection of ankle socks here.

Summer is coming and you need socks for working out

Socks for working out is needed for the summer time

When summer is here, we all expect it to be nice weather outside. The sun is out and the temperature is high. Life is just fantastic. You feel full of energy and ready to do anything. However, when you are going to work out you might run into a small problem. The problem is that you are sweating even more than regularly, because of the summer weather. What do you do then? Well, we think you should invest in socks for working out.

socks for working outBreathable socks for working out

With iZ Sock’s socks for working out, you will get socks that will make your feet feel comfortable at all times. This is due to the material that the socks are made of, which is bamboo fibers. These fibers make the socks breathable. This means your feet will have the perfect temperature and not be overheated when you are working out. Another bonus with these socks are that the bamboo fibers give them a property that will not allow bacteria on your feet to produce butric acid. And what does that mean? It means that you will not have to worry about smelly feet any more.

A sock that can be worn during the summer

Even though we recommend buying these socks for working out, you do not only have to wear them, when you are working out. They are socks that you can wear at times when you would wear all other kinds of regular socks as well. These are just especially good for working out in the gym or outside. But as we have told you, they are breathable, so if you need socks for the warm weather they are just as suitable for that.

Check out our selection of socks for working out here

What does cheap socks online mean?

Cheap socks online – are they good or bad?

When you hear the word cheap, what do you think? My guess is that it depends on how the word is used. It most certainly also depends on, what it is being used about.  Usually, cheap can be good if it is about a product, but only if you trust the brand the product comes from. It can also be used to describe the quality of something for example a product. When the word, cheap, is used in that connection it is not good. But when we say cheap socks online it is meant as a good thing. And we will tell you why.

cheap socks onlineCheap socks online – a fine product

Part of iZ Sock’s brand identity is that we will sell cheap socks online that everybody can afford. But we also want to sell socks of a certain quality. Our socks must be of a good quality. We do not wish to sell something that we would not wear ourselves. That is why you can trust us, when we say that cheap here is meant as a good thing. You get more than you pay for. And who does not like that? We sure would not say no to that.

But what does cheap socks online then mean?

Well, in total it means that we sell socks online that are cheap. This means that they are affordable to everybody who could be interested in them. But as an extra thing we do not just sell regular cotton socks, we also sell bamboo socks. If you have not tried a pair of bamboo socks you should. They have some fantastic properties that you do not wish to miss out on. Simply put: When you go bamboo, there is nothing you can do… about them being you favorite kind of socks.

Check out our selection of cheap socks here

Socks you can find – black socks with colored toes and heel

Black socks with colored toes and heel – the perfect socks for the laundry

You know the drill. You have made sure all your socks had a partner before you put them into the laundry machine. After they have been washed you are lining the socks up on the drying rack, because you have to make sure they are all there and that they all have a partner. This gets more complicated, when you only have black socks. And especially, if the black socks are of a different age and material. You could make this easier for yourself by buying socks with colored toes and heel.

Black socks with colored toes and heelEasy pairing up of the socks

By buying black socks with colored toes and heel, you only have to find the sock that matches in the color and voila. Now you do not have to check if the black sock is longer than the other or which seam it has, because that is the only way to tell this black sock from the other. This will make it much easier for you to do your laundry and less time consuming as well.

Color to your outfits

Besides making it easy for you to pair up the socks with colored toes and heel, you will also gain another thing from them. By wearing black socks with colored toes and heel, you can give your outfits color. How you may think? Well, even though the black socks with colored toes and heel are not entirely colored they can still add a little something to the outfit. An all-black outfit is boring. These socks give some color, but not too much. That is why everyone can wear them. They are not too extreme. And they can go with everything that needs a hint of color.

Check out our black socks with colored toes and heel here.

The universal socks for men

Socks for men – really?

Yes, socks are for men. And of course also women. But this blog will focus on the men. They do deserve some attention once in a while. And let us be honest. Men also care about how they look and what they are wearing. Socks may seem like something unimportant, but they are actually quite important for how an outfit looks. Why? We will tell you.
socks for men     striped socks                   bamboo socks

Socks for men with few or many colors

Men are sometimes faced with the challenge that the most common colors for their business outfits and suits are black, gray, and dark blue. And even though men look good in these outfits and suits they can become a bit boring to look at. This is where the socks for men comes into the picture. The socks for men is the thing that is going to spice up the their outfits. How? Well of course, by wearing socks in or with colors. iZ Sock has a fine selection of socks in one or more colors. And it is possible to find socks for men that only has a bit of color, if they want a discrete color touch to their outfits and suits. If you are a man ready to go all in or just looking for a small change to your one-color outfits, we can help you.

What do we mean with universal?

As we wrote in the paragraph above, we have socks with different amounts of color. The colors are our main reason for calling the socks universal. Due to them being available in different designs and color combinations they can be worn with whatever type of outfit you wish to set them up with. This is why we call the men’s socks for universal.

Check out our socks for men here.

The lonely black sock in the laundry

A black sock missing its partner

Once upon a time there was a pair of black socks who went through everything together. They went together on trips while being worn by their owner, was washed together in the laundry machine, and hung together when drying after a nice washing.

black sockThe day the partner disappeared

The pair of black socks have known each other since they were produced at a factory some place in Europe. One day that seemed like all the other days the pair of black socks were to be washed in the washing machine. When the black sock was hung up for drying it waited for its partner that usually came along later. But this day something was wrong. The partner was not hung beside it. The black sock looked for its partner on the drying rack, but it was nowhere to be found. The partner had disappeared. What had happened?

Forgotten and damaged

When the washing machine had been emptied the black sock‘s partner had not been taken out together with the rest of the laundry. At first the partner had been worried that it has been forgotten and would not be found in the washing machine. Luckily, its owner had realised it was missing and had come back looking for it in the washing machine. What the partner had not realised was that it had gotten damaged while the washing machine had been spinning. This had torn a hole in the partner. When the owner saw the hole, the partner was thrown in with the trash instead of being hung together with the black sock. The partner was later transported to the waste dump and burned.

The black sock never got to know what happened to its friend and partner, but missed it every day. The black sock was never the same again and became known as the lonely black sock among all the other clothes. The end…

Check out the pair of black socks here.

Socks made of combed cotton = combed cotton socks

Cotton socks or combed cotton socks

What is the difference between cotton socks and combed cotton socks? Well, they are both made of cotton, but combed cotton is a special way of weaving the cotton. It is a slightly more expensive process, but it gives a very soft version of cotton. Other than that, there are not any specific differences. But what about the price then? At iZ Sock the price for combed cotton socks is the same as many other regular cotton sock sellers. This is because we want our socks to be for everyone.

combed cotton socksWhy use combed cotton?

This cotton is, as has been written, extremely soft. This makes the combed cotton socks very comfortable to wear against the skin. You will often find combed cotton in clothing and bed sheets, because people are going to have skin contact with it. And the softer the fabric, the better the feeling will be for the user and the skin. You could actually say that combed cotton socks are the luxurious choice for a sock made of cotton.

Color for combed cotton socks

iZ Sock’s combed cotton sock features in just one color. The classic color for a boring product that everybody uses. Have you guessed it? We do not know, if you have, but the answer is black. We have decided to keep the sock in just one color to make it easy for you to make a choice and let us be honest, black is the preferred color for socks. If it is because it is a color that goes with everything, we do not know, but we do think that is the case here.

No matter what, a combed cotton sock is for everyone who wish to wear a comfortable, soft sock made of cotton.

Check out our combed cotton socks here

All kinds of socks

Socks of all kinds

A sock come in different shapes and sizes. And who can claim to sell socks, if they do not have a selection consisting of exactly different shapes and sizes. But what does different shapes and sizes then mean? And how are they part of iZ Sock’s selection of socks. We will tell you here.

Different shapes and sizesankle socks

As we have already written, we have different shapes and sizes. There is a sock type made of: bamboo fibers; combed cotton; and angora wool. The combed cotton and angora wool sock come in the regular sock shape. The bamboo sock is available in the regular shape, but also as a ankle sock, which we think is the ideal sock for summer and working out. Why this is, you can read in the next paragraph. But to finish this paragraph first, the socks are also available in different sizes, which we think covers the most common sock sizes.

Extra featuressocks

Each type of sock feature something that makes them unique to us. Our combed cotton socks are our normal sock in the sense that cotton is the most common fabric to make a sock in. The woollen socks made with angora wool are not thick, but because of the angora wool fibers they are just as warm, as a regular woollen sock. And as the last type of sock there is our favourite: The bamboo sock! By making them in bamboo fibers they feature the properties the bamboo fibers contain. One property, which is the best one in our opinion, is that they are anti-bacterial. This makes it hard for bacteria to live between the toes and thereby hard to produce butyric acid. Butyric acid is commonly known by a cheese-like smell, which you know as smelly feet. So, as you might have guessed, smelly feet are not something you have to worry about,
when you wear bamboo socks.

See our selection of socks here

Cheap socks ain’t bad

Cheap socks for everyone

When socks come into mind this is usually, because you need to buy some new ones. Either because they are broken and you do not want to darn them or some have gone missing while doing the laundry. Of course, there can be other reasons, but we think these two are the most common.

Cheap socksCheap does not need to be bad

Using the word cheap is not always a smart thing to do. It can actually be a very difficult word, because it is a word that means different things depending on how it is used. It can either be used about something being of a cheap quality, meaning it is bad quality, but it can also be used to describe that a thing does not cost much to buy. Usually the two meanings go hand in hand, but not in this case. iZ Sock’s cheap socks have a low price, but the quality is of a high standard. The reason for this is that, we at iZ Sock wish to make good quality socks that everyone can afford to buy.

Different kinds of cheap socks

One thing is to wish to sell cheap socks to everyone. Another is to have the socks that everyone wants to buy. We at iZ Sock have tried to fulfill this by having regular socks and ankle socks in our selection. On top of that we have also tried to fulfill this by making our socks in different types of textiles – bamboo fibers, combed cotton, and angora wool. Besides trying to please our customers with these types of cheap socks, we have also tried to please ourselves. This we have done by finding different benefits in all our socks that we think are fantastic.

So, are cheap socks bad? No, they ain’t! But they are for everyone.

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