Brand new designs of the popular iZ Sock bamboo socks

Colorful and eye-catching new designs of the iZ Sock bamboo socks

striped bamboo socks from iZ SockSoon we enter the colorful fall season, and in our division for Design & Creativity they have worked hard to make sure that your feet do not look dull. iZ Sock brings YOU the opportunity to walk around, light on your feet, in joy-bringing exciting colors. We proudly present our brand new series of All American striped bamboo socks. They come in various colors and in the always high iZ Sock quality.

The stripes on our bamboo socks are not just stripes
In terms of quality, when you are purchasing bamboo socks you need to look for the percentage of fibres that they contain. Ideally, you should choose a sock which contains a high percentage of bamboo fibres -and the higher the better. The striped iZ bamboo socks contain a striking 80% bamboo fibres. This results in a soft sock that allows you to reap all the bamboo benefits, we think you deserve.

The benefits of bamboo socks are numerous
-And at 80%, this new series from iZ Sock is certainly no exception when it comes to a high content of bamboo fibres.

With the high content you will get the following benefits:

High comfort
You will not wish to wear anything of a lower quality, once you have tried them on. They are soft as silk and with bamboo having similar properties to zinc, they feel wound heeling and gentle against the skin of sore feet.

Comfortable and cooling on a warm day
Bamboo fibres have the ability to absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. This is significant on a warm day, when the forming moisture and heat is lead out into the socks and away from the feet. You will experience the bamboo socks excellent ability to regulate the heat surrounding your feet. In sneakers on a hot summer´s day, you will get a great feeling with bamboo socks on your feet. It simply feels amazing, when you are wearing shoes, on a warm day.

From nature´s side, bamboo fibres are antibacterial. In turn, this gives textiles that are manufactured with a high number of bamboo fibres antibacterial capabilities. As bacteria do not thrive, your feet will simply become less sour.