Black socks

iZ Sock; the collection of black socks

Black socks are a classic in the sock drawer. It is without question the sock which all of us have in our drawer. iZ Sock has a good selection of black socks, ranging from ankle socks to socks made of bamboo fibers as well as classic cotton socks.

Our selection of black socks

All in one place: cheap black socks

Black socks"Cheap socks are something that we can all use, cheap black socks" says Jacob Blæsbjerg and continues "At iZ Sock we have gathered all our offers on cheap  socks on one page to make it easier for our customers."

At iZ Sock you will find classic black socks

At iZ Sock we have a selection of  socks that covers all sizes from 3.5 to 15.5. You will find both cotton and bamboo socks in our selection, so we can cover the need for socks for everyday.

Cheap socks in cotton
It is certainly a classic in the sock drawer. Cotton has a very long history when it comes to the use of it in fabrics. Cotton is comfortable on the feet and it is justified. 

Cheap socks with bamboo fibers

Bamboo fiber has been used for textiles for some time now and that is justified. Bamboo fibers have a wide range of benefits which cannot be found in other fabrics in the same price range.

Socks containing bamboo fibers have an antibacterial property that lasts wash after wash. Japanese studies have shown that the property is unchanged even after 50 washes. The property gives you the advantage of not getting sour socks and saves you the trouble of smelly feet.