The black sock – a popular choice and color for socks

The black sock – a popular choice

When we buy socks, which colour do we then choose? My guess is that you, just like me, choose a black sock. And at iZ Sock it is no different. Our best-selling sock is a black sock – either made of combed cotton or bamboo fibres. Have you ever thought about, why that is?

At iZ Sock we have two theories and they actually support each other. The first theory is that a black sock is viewed as a sock that matches everything – no matter what you wear. The other theory is that we perceive socks as the world’s most boring product, so why should we spent time on finding other kinds of socks than a black sock?

black sockTo answer that question: We should look for socks with different designs and patterns! We know it will challenge the way you think, but think about the following:

What will happen, if you are wearing a black outfit and a pair of black socks? You are going to be perceived as the boring, cold, and scary serious person. And who would like to be perceived like that? My guess is no one! And that is understandable!

The safe choice

Black socks are the safe choice. We are aware of that and we understand, why everyone is buying them. What we do not understand is, why you are not interested in changing the black sock with socks with colour and life? The socks do not even have to be coloured in full – there are designs, where just a small part of the sock is coloured. And of course, iZ Sock has that kind of socks as well – we call them socks with color and it is only the heel and toe which is coloured.

Black will always be here

Even though we would like for you to try something else than a black sock, we are also realistic about the fact that it is a preferred colour. So, of course black socks will be in our selection.

See our black sock here