Black cotton socks – the traditional one

Black cotton socks – tradition first

At iZ Sock we see the black cotton socks as the traditional ones. As you might have guessed it is due to two things: the first being the color and the second is due to the fabric it is made of, cotton.

The black color for cotton socksblack cotton socks

You probably already know this either first hand or you might have read some of our other blog posts, but the black color is the most popular color and black cotton socks are a very popular product as well. You could compare our black cotton socks with Chanel’s little black one. It is a traditional design and color that you can use for all occasions. We also think the black color is the safe and easy choice, because it goes with everything.

Cotton as the fabric

When one thinks of socks there are several things that comes into mind. It could be things like something you wear, to keep warm, feet, something you do not really think about, a piece of cloth, cotton, etc. And these are just some of the words that relate to socks – be they black cotton socks or other types of socks. The socks most people wear are made of cotton and it has been like that for many years. Cotton is a good fabric to use and at iZ Sock we know this. Still, we prefer socks made of bamboo fibers. At the same time, we are not unaware of the way people act. So of course, we have cotton socks for you, who are not ready to try something new just yet. And of course, we are not talking about cotton socks in fancy or weird designs. No, we are talking about the traditional black cotton socks.

Take a look at our trandtional black cotton socks here