Bambus strømper - iZ sock - Bamboo - normal Black

The Bamboo socks from iZ Sock

The bamboo socks from iZ Sock all have a high content of bamboo fibers. The high content of bamboo fibers gives the bamboo socks from iZ Sock all the good properties of the bamboo fiber. 

Bamboo socks' benefits

Socks in selection

The bamboo fiber has an antibacterial property that prevents the bacteria from multiplying. The fibers will have this property wash after wash. When you look at a bamboo sock it can have a shinier surface compared to cotton socks. This is because of the bamboo fibers. It is hard to find something that does not appear to be an advantage when it comes to fabrics made with bamboo fiber. So if you have not tried these socks before, it is about time to do so!

You can put on bamboo socks without worrying about the environment

The fibers for bamboo socks are naturally extracted from bamboo and it actually makes them more environmentally friendly than many alternatives. The reason is found in the bamboo. Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants in the world and they grow without the use of pesticides. Therefore, you can safely wear your bamboo socks. If you are unsure about the difference between socks and stockings you can click here.

High comfort

The socks from Sock iZ with bamboo are soft and feel like silk against the skin. The bamboo fibers are soft and give a high comfort so it becomes very comfortable to wear the socks. The feet always have a comfortable temperature. One of the biggest benefits of using bamboo fiber socks is that they have a high ability to absorb moisture. They can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton fibers. The result is a sock that keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature, especially when your feet are in closed shoes where they do not get much air.


The bamboo fiber has a natural antibacterial property that stays with the fibers in the socks. Bamboo contains a substance which acts against bacteria and helps to prevent bacteria from multiplying and growing. It is this bacterial growth that characterises "smelly feet" which is known by a cheese-like smell. What you can smell is the bacterium that has transformed foot odour to butyric acid.

Keeps the color longer

Bamboo fiber has another property that you will benefit from. The fiber keeps the color longer than cotton fibers do. This means that your black socks stay black longer. 
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