Bamboo socks vs bamboo stockings

Should it be bamboo socks or bamboo stockings?

In iZ Sock’s world it is all about the bamboo sock, but is it really a sock or should it be called a bamboo stocking?

bamboo socks/bamboo stockingsWhen you look up the two words the definition of a sock is the following:

a piece of clothing that is worn over the foot, ankle, and lower part of the leg, especially inside a shoe

and the definition of a stocking is:

either of a pair of thin pieces of clothing that fit closely over a woman’s legs and feet. 

The real-life experience of bamboo socks or bamboo stockings

In real life, when you compare a pair of our bamboo socks with a pair of normal cotton socks and a pair of silk stockings, you will experience that the socks are an in-betweener – they could be bamboo socks or bamboo stockings. This is due to the bamboo fibers they contain. The fibers make the socks have a silk-like texture and thinness, which is very similar to silk stockings, but on the other hand they are thick and warm like cotton socks. This is exactly why we love them – our socks bring together the best from the worlds of socks and stockings.

The answer to the questionbamboo socks/bamboo stockings

We started this post with a question about whether to call our socks bamboo socks or bamboo stockings and the answer to that question is that: Even though we call them bamboo socks all the time, you might as well call them bamboo stockings – or invented a new word. No matter which wording you choose to use, the most important thing for you to remember is that our socks/stockings are of a high quality, comfortable, and they come with all the benefits bamboo fibers have.

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