A bamboo sock for the world

Why is it a bamboo sock for the world?

When iZ Sock started, we only had eye for the Danish market, but today we are going for something a little bigger – the world. And we are going for the world with our bamboo sock. Of course, we are aware that socks are something that we all have and need, but do not really care about. We¬†just see that as a challenge that we have to fight and of course win. And how are we thinking to do that? Well, first of all by accepting that fact – that is part of the world’s most boring products.

bamboo sockWhy is it the world’s most boring product?

If it is not obvious, we will tell you here. A sock whether made of bamboo or cotton is something we wear and need to have in our drawer, but other than that we do not really give any other thoughts to it. This makes sense, but it is also a bit sad since we can use socks to many things – the most important in our opinion being to spice up an outfit.

The answer…

The answer to the question this blog started with – why is it a bamboo sock for the world? Is actually quite simple. It is a bamboo sock for the world, because we are a company represented in the world. Of course, it is also a bamboo sock for the world, because it is made of bamboo fibers from China, manufactured in the EU, and the head quarter is placed in Denmark.

In addition to this our bamboo sock also feature some very useful benefits that the world could find useful. The bamboo sock is anti-bacterial, which means you will not have to fight smelly feet. They are also very comfortable due to the silky texture they have.

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