Bamboo ankle socks for the warm weather

Warm weather is bamboo ankle socks weather

If you are going out into the warm weather and are wearing a dress, shorts, or skirt, but wish to wear a pair of sneakers it might get a bit warm for you and your feet. Our solution to this is that you wear a pair of bamboo ankle socks in the sneakers. And we really mean that it should be ankle socks made of bamboo fibers and not cotton. Why? We will explain that later in this post and know this: You will love the reasons.

bamboo ankle socksA comfortable summer with bamboo ankle socks

We know how uncomfortable it can be in the summer, when the sun is burning from the sky and you are wearing a pair of shoes that are locked around your feet. The feet are warm and sweaty and you cannot wait to get them of and let your feet breathe. As mentioned you might be wearing a summer outfit with a pair of sneakers. Why would you do that in the first place? Well, if you are experiencing a city or landscape you need to wear a pair of shoes that you can walk around in for a long time, because you do not know, when you will be back from your explorations. The warm and sweaty feet will go away with the bamboo ankle socks from iZ Sock. Or at least make it more bearable for you due to the bamboo fibers.

Ankle socks in bamboo fibers’ properties

Bamboo fibers makes the bamboo ankle socks breathable. This is because the socks can lead the heat away from the feet. This reduces the temperature inside the sneakers and socks. With sweaty feet, smelly feet often come along, but the bamboo fibers fight it. Bamboo fibers are antibacterial and this results in a reduced production of butyric acid, which is the cause of the bad smell that gives smelly feet.

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