Ankle socks made of bamboo fibers

Bamboo ankle socks are the best, when it comes to getting a pair of ankle socks in the shoes. Bamboo socks have many qualities which make them the ideal summer socks. Bamboo fibers can absorb 50% more moisture compared to cotton fibers and they even have antibacterial properties which ensure you do not get smelly feet so easily in your shoes. Ankle socks made of bamboo are the perfect summer socks.

Ankle socks are also used in the world of sports and iZ Sock have many clients, who use them together with their cycling shoes. Ankle socks from iZ Sock have a high content of bamboo fibers and their properties are good when dealing with warm feet. They have a good ability to get the heat away from your feet and are very comfortable to wear.

Our selection of ankle socks

Ankle socks with bamboo fibers are the perfect ankle sock

That is why we at iZ Sock have chosen to get ankle socks with bamboo fibers. There are several reasons for why we at iZ Sock have chosen to get our ankle socks produced with such a high content of bamboo fibers. Here the most important reasons are mentioned:

Can absorb much moisture
Bamboo fibers can absorb more up to 50% more moisture than cotton fibers, which is one of the vital benefits when it comes to finding the perfect sock for sports. The fact that ankle socks can absorb moisture means that the moisture is lead away from the feet and out into the sock itself. This means that the ankle sock is cooling for the feet – and this is what you are looking for when it comes to finding the perfect sports sock.

When the moisture evaporates from the ankle socks it needs energy and this energy is found by taking the heat from the feet. The moisture can easily get away from the bamboo socks and thereby a comfortable cooling of the feet is secured. This makes the ankle sock the perfect summer and sports sock.

It might not be what one expects, but bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant and as if that was not enough, then it is also a plant that can be grown without the use of pesticides and other forms of growth enhancing fertilizers and the like. This gives us yet another good reason to turn our look towards bamboo socks for our feet.

Bamboo socks with a high content of bamboo fibers have an antibacterial property, which one can make use of, if one usually has very warm feet and would like to avoid smelly feet. The thing that makes you have smelly feet is bacterial growth that thrives well between warm, closed toes. It is known by a cheese-like smell. The thing that can be smelled is the bacteria that have transformed foot sweat into butyric acid.

The foot sweat obviously gets out into the sock in a pair of shoes where the temperature is good and the moisture content high. This is what will make the bacteria create socks that smell bad. The bacteria thrives well in cotton socks whereas bamboo socks have the properties to reduce this opportunity for the bacteria to thrive in, because they keep your feet less warm and leads the moisture away from the feet.

Bamboo socks are also good at leading the heat and moisture away from the feet. Socks with bamboo fibers do not hold on to the moisture, but distributes it out into the next layer, which in this case is the shoe.