Ankle socks for summer and working out

Ankle socks with a high content of bamboo fibers, of course with bamboo fibers.

Ankle socks should be made of bamboo fibers

ankle socksAnkle socks are used in many contexts, that is obvious. But one of the typical scenarios is that they are used, when the heat is too high to wear classic socks in the shoes, or when you have to work out at the local gym e.g. spinning or other sorts of training where you are sweating.

Ankle socks should therefore be made of bamboo
The bamboo fiber is perfect for socks that are used when it is hot. The properties are almost queuing up to make it clear that they are perfect for ankle socks.

The bamboo fiber can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton fibers
The fact that bamboo fibers can absorb more moisture gives the ankle socks a property that leads the heat away from the feet. The reason is that when the moisture is lead away from the feet and into the socks, the socks will use the heat from the feet to evaporate the moisture and this natural process pulls the heat away from the feet.

Limits the smell in the shoes
Ankle socks typically find their way into a pair of sneakers or light, casual shoes, maybe also their way down into a pair of trainers or biking shoes. Common to all these shoes are that they typically do not smell like flowers inside. By contrast, they are often bacteria bombs and they are the ones you can smell if your shoes are sour. They smell a little like old cheese. The explanation is simply that it is the same bacteria that make a cheese sour.

If you use bamboo ankle socks you will limit this smell as the bacteria will not thrive in bamboo fibers. You will thereby lower the amount of bacteria and thereby also the smell.

Ankle socks’ upper side are net woven
It is a sock that is usually used, when you need to wear a light sock on your feet. Our ankle socks are therefore also made with a net woven upper side.

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