Ankle socks and exercise

There is no doubt about which properties I am looking for, when it comes to finding the right ankle sock for sports” says Jacob Blaesbjerg CEO, iZ Sock and continues “as a former cyclist and now exerciser I will not make a compromise with the equipment.

The right ankle sock for sports

ankle socks for sportsIt is very much about comfort and well-being when one is going to exercise. When you reach the limit of what you can do even small things can seem unmanageable. This is one of the reasons for why Jacob Blaesbjerg has gone into the development of the perfect ankle sock, an ankle sock not only for warm summer feet, but especially also for cyclists.

High demands
Cyclists are a folk that have high demands to their equipment and they care about the “small” things, included are the classic ankle socks in white, which you are sure to find as part of the equipment. After all, it is through the feet that all power must be transformed into progress. The last thing before the pedal is the shoe and the ankle sock.

The socks must live up to a series of demands
If an ankle sock is to be used in cycling shoes it must live up to the following demands:

– High comfort
– Must not make the foot slide around in the shoe
– Must keep the foot warm, when it is cold and cold, when it is warm
– Must be able to dry quickly (after it has been raining)
– Must be able to transport the sweat away from the foot (quickly)

and be able to resist the pressure it is to be in a cycling shoe for many hours during hard pressure.

“It is these demands that was the starting point” elaborates Jacob Blæsbjerg. The ankle sock from iZ lives up to these demands and when they are good enough to live up to a cyclists demands, they will definitely also live up to those wishes there must be to the perfect ankle sock.

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