All kinds of socks

Socks of all kinds

A sock come in different shapes and sizes. And who can claim to sell socks, if they do not have a selection consisting of exactly different shapes and sizes. But what does different shapes and sizes then mean? And how are they part of iZ Sock’s selection of socks. We will tell you here.

Different shapes and sizesankle socks

As we have already written, we have different shapes and sizes. There is a sock type made of: bamboo fibers; combed cotton; and angora wool. The combed cotton and angora wool sock come in the regular sock shape. The bamboo sock is available in the regular shape, but also as a ankle sock, which we think is the ideal sock for summer and working out. Why this is, you can read in the next paragraph. But to finish this paragraph first, the socks are also available in different sizes, which we think covers the most common sock sizes.

Extra featuressocks

Each type of sock feature something that makes them unique to us. Our combed cotton socks are our normal sock in the sense that cotton is the most common fabric to make a sock in. The woollen socks made with angora wool are not thick, but because of the angora wool fibers they are just as warm, as a regular woollen sock. And as the last type of sock there is our favourite: The bamboo sock! By making them in bamboo fibers they feature the properties the bamboo fibers contain. One property, which is the best one in our opinion, is that they are anti-bacterial. This makes it hard for bacteria to live between the toes and thereby hard to produce butyric acid. Butyric acid is commonly known by a cheese-like smell, which you know as smelly feet. So, as you might have guessed, smelly feet are not something you have to worry about,
when you wear bamboo socks.

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