About iZ Sock

It started as a bet

Jacob Blaesbjerg, iZ Sock“There are many things and inventions that have begun by a coincidence and iZ Sock is not an exception” says Jacob Blæsbjerg, CEO and founder and continues “socks for everyday use are not something you talk about. It is just something there has to be in the drawer.

It started in 2014 as a bet
The story behind iZ Sock is a bit funny – it started out as a bet. The bet was about whether it was possible to make a sock brand that could be bought online. The socks’ price had to be something everybody could afford, but they also had to be of a quality that is luxurious when it comes to socks.

I lost the bet as I had to create 1000 orders including the development of websites, socks and anything else that is needed to create a brand for a 100 Euros. The 1000 orders had to be made within 12 months and it took 19 months before order number 1000 was ordered. 

A good quality produced with respect to the user
iZ Sock’s socks are produced from yarn and threads for the textiles that all have an OEKO-TEX certificate (read more here). We aim to create a balance between very comfortable and durable socks for an affordable price.

This means that we at iZ Sock has chosen to charge a lower price than we might should be compared to the quality, but we will not deviate from our vision” says Jacob Blæsbjerg, CEO and Founder.

Designed in Denmark

iZ Sock is a Danish sock company with its headquarter in Kolding, Denmark.
In connection with our vision about being the consumers preferred brand of socks, iZ Sock’s sock is known by its quality and sensibility together with comfort and durability.

By choosing iZ Sock, you choose a sock with an environmentally mindset in the form of bamboo. This is due to the fact that most of iZ Sock’s socks are made of bamboo fibers. And of course, it is not the bamboo plants which the panda eats that is used in the production.

iZ Sock’s socks are beside being a Danish design also produced in the EU.